Accent on Pets Dog & Cat Grooming

I have been caring for animals in one manner or another for almost 30 years.  It is disappointing to have to respond to such a cruel and fabricated situation.   If anyone has ever watched a dog or cat being groomed, the animal is leashed ("NOT TIED UP" like a cow being branded) on the table for their safety and the groomer's.  Owners are welcome to stay here while their cat is being groomed.   View a groomer from the back for less than 30 seconds from 25 feet away with a partition blocking your view brushing a cat's neck and head can be misinterpreted.   Perception is not always fact. Bruce Grossman jumped to accuse me of abuse for no cause at all.  If this was so horrific of a scene why did he NOT call authorities.   He took great care and time to post comments on the Internet, but still has NOT called authorities.   WHY?  Because IT IS NOT TRUE.  I wish my good reviews would spread as fast as this gossip did.  For anyone to take what is posted on the Internet as all true is such a disappointment.  Don't believe everything you read. To all of you who have called to questioned this as false, for wanting to hear the other side thank you.  To all my customers who know me and are standing by me with positive posts I thank you most all. I will answer any and all calls; you are welcome to watch, I have an open salon.

Again, do NOT believe this nonsense.  It is blatently UNTRUE.


Who we are...

Teri Scott has owned Accent on Pets in Winter Park, Florida for over 16 years. She has over 40 years combined experience as a pet groomer and veterinary technician. This experience has helped her work with behavioral and nervous pets and overcome fears from grooming through patience and time.

Accent on Pets grooming salon is still giving great service and reasonable prices that started the salon over 35 years ago. The location may change, but the service remains consistent. We are a quality, Orlando Grooming Premier Destination.  Cats and Dogs, with or without pedigree, are welcome at our friendly salon!